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Hazard’s Deal With Tottenham

Tottenham may have another dynamic, speedy, play maker, that likes to make hearts with his hands after he scores goals, on their team next season.  Eden Hazard is one of the world’s young up and coming talents that many teams have shown interest in signing.  Only recently turning 21 this past January, it seemed likely that Arsenal would be the front runner to sign the Belgian winger, but news has recently come out that a deal with Tottenham is all about finished just no agreement on a transfer fee with his current club Lille yet.  Coming from a Spurs fan it will be extremely interesting to see if he signs with Tottenham this summer and I promise I will be the first person to buy his Jersey if he does in fact sign with us.  What Harry Redknapp will have to play with is where to fit him into their current system with Bale and Lennon as his first choice wide-men.  Bale this season has occasionally been used centrally to fill in for Rafael Van der Vaart when hes been injured and has excelled there, but that leaves the question to what happens when all 4 of these players are health to what the line-up will look like.  That of course if this deal is actually the final decision on the part of Eden as well as Lille.  Fingers crossed!


Berbatov Feels Cheated

It is no secret that Dimitar Berbatov has fallen out of favor at Manchester United.  It has not been that he has been unproductive, unsuccessful, at odds with Ferguson, or even late to practice for that matter.  Although he has not seen much playing time this season he still has produced 7 goals for the red devils.  After playing just under 435 minutes this season, that puts his average goals at one every 62 minutes.  Far better then any other striker in the Premier League let alone Manchester United.  Now does this mean that he should be starting for United every game? Not a chance!  However, he is a good asset to have when playing against teams towards the bottom of the table.  Instead of always starting Rooney/Welbeck and subbing in the Bulgarian in with 20 or 30 minutes left.  Give him the 90 and let him work into the match.  One of the hardest parts of having a quality deep squad is making sure each player is happy with the amount of playing time.  Unfortunately, Berbatov does not feel like he is being treated correctly.  Although rumors circulated he never made a move in the January Transfer Window.  A move in the summer may be what he is looking for, but for now he will have to wait and see if he can change his luck in the little minutes he is currently seeing. 


Great interview with Belgian first division team Gent’s new loanee, American attacking midfielder, Mikkel a.k.a. Mix Diskerud.  Great transfer for the younger US prospect.  Not sure which was the most interesting part. The fact that he answers a question about being linked to Manchester United “No comment”, or that he has absolutely NO Norweigian accent.

Le Toux Dealt to Whitecaps

With the transfer window coming to a close, the Philadelphia Union ended speculation that Sebastien Le Toux would be shipped to the Premiership by dealing the All-Star forward to the Vancouver Whitecaps. In return, the Union receive allocation money. Manager Peter Nowak acknowledged that the deal would allow the Union to field the best possible squad in 2012. As a Union fan myself, it is difficult to come to grips with this move, dealing our best player for allocation money just doesn’t cut it. 

Later Tuesday, Union officials announced that Roger Torres would be returning for the 2012 campaign, as the team exercised their option to keep the midfielder. 

Tough to see such a phenomenal talent part ways to the club, but certainly nice to see Roger Torres stick around. How could the Union let go their best player and ONLY get allocation money in return? If I were Le Toux I’d feel unwanted, and If I were the Union, I’d be embarrassed to have made such a shocking deal, getting nothing in return. Danny Mwanga better be ready to step up big time. That is all.

Transfer Deadline Day!

Will there be any big last minute signings this year?  Today is the last day of the January Transfer window, meaning the last chance for teams across Europe to help their team close out the season strong.  Robbie Keane has already signed on loan with Aston Villa this season meaning that there will be no surprise moves by the Irish striker in this transfer season.  Will there be anyone to step up and take his place?  In only a few hours time we will know what to call the next chapter of Carlos Tevez’s life.

Bayern Munich Sorry for Facebook Joke

Bayern Munich took to their Facebook page on Friday to announce to fans a big new signing for the club in a stunt which Bayern officials sought to increase their fan base on Facebook. When opening the FC Bayern Munich app on Facebook, fans were directed to the following message:

"Dear fans, you probably already noticed that we did not sign a new player. This app is for our fans to show the importance of you for our club. Each Bayern fan is the ‘spectacular new signing,’ our 12th man!"

Fans were outraged and certainly upset about the false acquisition of new stardom. As a result, Munich officials apologized for the act, reminding fans that a main focus of the club’s is to satisfy fans. Whoops…

PSG Done Pursuing Tevez

PSG have ended transfer discussions with want-away Manchester City forward Carlos Tevez. After speculation last week that the forward may be on the move to Ligue 1 bound for Paris, PSG’s director of football made it clear that talks between Tevez and the French club have come to an end. As a result, it seems as if Inter Milan and AC Milan of Serie A are the only remaining clubs in the Tevez sweepstakes as the window of opportunity to complete the move dwindles. 

Arshavin on the Out?

Arshavin £6 Million Bargain eyed by Italian Club. 

Arsenal midfielder Andrei Arshavin is being eyed by Italian club Lazio. Arshavin has had a disappointing season thus far for Arsenal and could be moved by the end of the month. Despite his average (to say the least) play this campaign, Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger cannot afford to lose more high profile talent this year with his similar tactic of “I’m not going to buy any stars” coming into play yet again this transfer window. Arsenal need to hang on to Arshavin.

Can Liverpool Land a Striker?

Dirk Kuyt is goalless thus far through the 2011-12 EPL campaign.

Liverpool desperately need a striker to solve their woes in front of goal. Boss Kenny Daglish says he has the answer. But can they bring in much needed fire power before the window closes?