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Top 3 Best Captains for Your Squad

After taking to twitter to ask our followers who they would like to have as their team’s captain, we compiled all the answers into a top 3 and are happy to share them with you here. So, without further ado, here’s our top 3 best captains for your squad!

1. Ryan Giggs

Let’s face it, if Giggsy was your captain, you’d be popping bottles of champagne like you were ushering in the millennium. Class Act. Hard Worker. Winner…just a few aspects of Mr. Giggs’ career. The 38 year old started his career in 1990 and has remained loyal to the club that made him a pro. He’s recorded over 900 career appearances while tallying 163 goals. Ryan Giggs is the epitome of a leader. He’s never been sent off while wearing a Manchester United jersey and was an English Football Hall of Fame inductee in 2005…before he even finished his freaking career. How badass is that? The dude has received awards for charity work and honors to the community, while serving as the perfect role model in United red. A captain embodies the goals of the team, the attributes of the team, and puts them into play on the field. Plus…he does this (Click the jump for Giggs’ FA Cup goal against Arsenal in 1999). Whatever Giggsy wants, he gets. He’s a leader, a badass (citing his manly chest fro), and a hard working, committed player. He’d be a great captain on any squad. Boom.

2. Steven Gerrard 

Ahhh Stevie G. One of my favorite players, not only because he drops absolute bombs when I play FIFA on my PlayStation 3, but because he’s a phenomenal player, and a great leader. I’ve always thought he should be England’s full time skipper, but that’s another story. He started at Liverpool in 1998 and has been their savior ever since. Okay okay, they haven’t won a title in a while, but still, this dude is something special. At Anfield, the world revolves around this guy. And if you disagree, he’s got 149 career goals that say otherwise. And not to mention, 148 of those are amazing. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating but there’s no denying that this guy’s good. He’s had some off the field scuffles…but let’s face it, anybody that gets into bar fights and knocks out the DJ’s teeth is worthy of leading  my squad into battle any day. General Gerrard, reporting for duty…and worthy captain number 2. Check out his top ten goals (Click the jump). 

3. Nemanja Vidic

This guy just has captain written all over him. Not literally of course. But let’s face it, he’s mean, he’s scary, opponents fear him, and he plays his heart out for the name on the front of the jersey. The Red Devils have missed him suring up the back this season, and it’s evident. The guy works his tail end off and I would take him in a fight against anyone. That’s the kind of player I want backing my team. A bulldog. He’s been at United since 2005 and has over 400 appearances…those coming in under 7 full seasons with the club. I was in England a few years back and saw a shirt with Vidic’s face on it saying “The Baby Eater.” Don’t worry if you’re a Reds fan…he only eats the opponents babies. He’s a machine in the back, and you better not go into the air against him. Header? Let him have it…it’s not worth your life.

Offsides Goals

On our radio show today we went off on a HUGE tangent to the point where we could not even remember how we got to talking about the huge goals of our soccer team that we spontaneously decide to create live on the air.  The end result of winning the FA Cup.  Some of our goals are extremely ambitious, however its worth a shot!

Here was our tangent/checklist:

1. Create a team consisting of Offsides Host and Panelists, Ryan Monaghan, Luis Arroyo, and Tom Crockford.

2. Name them the Trenton Hound Dogs…because Tom said so.  

3. Win The College of New Jersey Intramural Tournament

4. Become the next team in the MISL (Major Indoor Soccer League) 

5. Then enter into the US open cup, win enough games to get the show sponsored.

6. Move to England

7. Enter the F.A. Cup

8. Use the money we’ve earned from sponsorship and large donations we will receive from the extremely loyal fans we will accumulate along our journey to start buying and selling players.

9. Instead of paying for a goalie we will construct a concrete wall in side the 6 yard box.

10. Be crowned champions of the F.A. Cup.

11. Retire young and have a statue of the three of us build on campus at The College of New Jersey.